I was born in Alberta, Canada and was raised between Canada, Arizona and California – serving the Lord most of my life. Life has not been perfect or even easy, but I’m so grateful for the genuine relationship I have the the Lord and how He’s helped me to cope, grow and eventually overcome. He changed me dramatically while I was in High School, and I left home with a passion to serve Him whole-heartedly.I had the incredible opportunity to be a part of a start-up church while in Bible College, and that church – The Rock, Anaheim Foursquare Church – is where I still serve as an Associate Pastor. Though my full-time employment is now in Los Angeles, I still have the honor of teaching, working with our discipleship program and getting to be a part of the vision of this local expression of Christ’s body… I love my church (really, like, with a passion).

Everyone says that each minister has a “life message”. I suppose mine is “go big or go home…” no… actually yes, it is. I lived my life as a typical “good person” for so many years and I didn’t understand the power that was genuinely available to every believer. I now have a passion to stir up the body of Christ to know that THIS life we’re living is meant to be so much more than “nice” or “good.” You’ll hear that in many of my teachings and blogs. I hope it encourages you, challenges you… and by the power of God, changes you in some way.

I believe sometimes we all need a little kick in the pants to get moving (a little faster) in the right direction.

I’m honored that you’d take time to read/listen to my thoughts. I pray the Spirit of God would minister to you through the words He has shared with me.