Audio Messages

Topic List:
The Walk Of Faith
Deeper Relationship with God
Singles and Dating

Section 1: The Walk Of Faith

      The Determined Walk of Faith

We say that we “walk by faith” but that takes a lot more than just words…

      An Attitude Approved By God

Do I have “attitude”, oh yes… but what kind of attitude pleases God? Hint: it’s not the doormat kind.

      What Are You Doing With YOUR Authority

Do you realize that when God created the earth He handed authority to the human race? What are you doing with yours?

      Back is NOT an Option

In our quick-fix, now-is-when-I-want-it society – sometimes the faith and patience that Jesus requires of us is a little… troublesome. But what does a commitment to Jesus really entail?

Section 2: Deeper Relationship with God

      Seeking His Spirit

There are just so many pressures and demands on us… and God seems to want so much too! Maybe what we really need is to hit “reset” and remember exactly what this life is really all about.

      Let Him Prove it Through You

Description: People are always asking for proof that God exists… but did you know that we’re actually supposed to BE proof??


Section 3: Singles and Dating

      Single for Now (Part 1)

      Single for Now (Part 2)

      Single for Now (Part 3)

God honors marriage… and I realize that some people are called to be celibate for life. But… WHAT ABOUT THOSE THAT AREN’T IN EITHER CATEGORY? In Single for Now, Tammy, along with Jerry Dirmann of The Rock, Anaheim address the Biblical perspective that should form our view of being single – especially when we don’t plan to stay that way.

Companion content to “Single — For Now” the book.