Being A Witness

Being A Witness

Did you ever consider that we were never commanded to “go witnessing”? It’s not that it’s something we shouldn’t do, but when Jesus said, ”

But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me…” I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking about walking up to strangers to ask them if they know Jesus. 

The reality is that we’re to BE witnesses. Well, a witness is someone who talks shares the truth about what they’ve encountered / seen / experienced. We are witnesses to who He is, by who we are. Our attitudes, actions, reactions, integrity and more will either witness of him, or of you. Most of the world witnesses of self. What “I” like, what “I” want. By nature, the words we speak and the way we live will most often reflect our love of ourselves.

Think of a two-year-old; what is most important to them? “ME”. Even their love for the word “NO” testifies of their desire for autonomy. It’s our natural sinful flesh. (I know, talking about a two-year-old being sinful is a little much for some of us, but we ARE born in sin.. it’s just true). It’s this nature that drives us to protect ourselves from looking strange or being different. Even for some of us the idea of “witnessing” is a just too much. We just don’t want to stand out.

In reality, I’m not exhorting you to “not witness”. What I want us to see is that actually we’re called to much more that asking people if they know Jesus. We’re supposed to be, being Jesus. SHOWING Him to the world. Being changed by Him, being light like Him, bringing His power into the situations we face. The importance of BEING a witness is that people don’t just know about Him, but they get a glimpse of Jesus – in us.

Don’t settle for being nice. For being one of the crowd. For being a “christian”… be Christ-like, and trying to witness wont feel so overwhelming… because it will no longer be something you do, but instead become who you are.