Schedule Overload Can’t Keep Me Down

Schedule Overload Can’t Keep Me Down

Rushing. Busy. Tired. Hectic. Unclear. Overwhelmed. Too much. Can’t Think. Unsure.
Do any of these words describe your life? A few can apply to mine.

In fact, I recently realized that I’ve gotten used to being “tired.” You know, feeling that need for down time. Anything that’s not a “must” can wait. I just need to relax. Maybe flip on the T.V. or find a book or a magazine. Just browse online for a bit. Get my mind off all the busyness…

I was reading in Acts recently and a tiny little snippet from a verse stuck out to me – “As they ministered to the Lord and fasted, the Holy Spirit said…” (Acts 13:2, NKJV).

I think the first thing I saw was that these men of God were ministering to the Lord. They weren’t coming to ask for something. Nor was their purpose to “do” church, “have” worship… they were there for Him. They had made intentional time to minister to Him.

Then, I saw that the Holy Spirit spoke, in THAT atmosphere. It was as they set aside time to be with God that His Spirit moved. They got the clarity of direction they needed (in fact two powerhouse ministers, Paul and Barnabbas, received their call to missions and were sent BECAUSE of this time of ministry). I had to ask myself; “Do I take time to minister TO the Lord?” Quickly followed by, “Am I listening or talking when I’m taking time with Him?”

That’s when I was reminded of Acts 3:19, that ”times of refreshing” come from the presence of the Lord.” And in a moment, I realized how willy i’ve been. I’ve put up with being tired when I actually CAN do something about it. I have a very BIG God who has supernatural refreshing for me. Not just temporary relief of getting my mind off of things, but genuine transformation He can do on the inside of me. I can receive REAL help, and actual direction, even true peace! In fact, pretty much everything I need He’s already promised to me – but I need to take… no… make the time to be with Him.

So, instead of grabbing the remote, I think i’m gonna shut my door, maybe light a candle or two, possibly flip on some worship or instrumental – and get… refreshed.