Skipping the “Hear”

Skipping the “Hear”

I’m a doer. An “all or nothing”, “get-it-done”, “don’t want to waste time,” kind of gal. In fact – I have even taken pride in these extremely helpful – and unfortunately harmful – characteristics.

No, they don’t seem harmful. In fact, these are generally traits that people would admire, after all, we have a job to do, a Kingdom to expand, a mission! The problem for me has been that in all my “doing”, I sometimes skip the “hearing.” If you’ve reard Luke 6:47-49, you will quickly see that the only way to have a solid life, as Jesus instructed is to (1) Come to Him, (2) Hear His Sayings, and (3) Do them. Seems simple enough. Especially when Jesus goes on to clarify that the ones who don’t DO are the ones who get in trouble. And after all… i’m really good at the “do”.
But maybe not.

You see, the point of these three steps are to not just “do” good things, but to come and hear what it is you are supposed to be doing… and do THAT. In all my busyness, I have to admit… I often will “put in time”; read, pray… but not “take time”… which is when you actually hear. I can’t hear over my own voice. I can’t hear when I’m so occupied with what’s next. I can only hear when I take the time to do just that.



Be still.

Be with Him, not just do for Him.

Yes, it’s the Mary/Martha principle, but right now it’s so much more to me. It’s the reality that my calling cannot be fulfilled by me trying to figure out the next thing to do. It’s the pause in my heart as I recognize that although I love Him, I haven’t been loving on Him as I ought. It’s the still small voice that’s reminding me…I can never be what He’s called me to be unless I hear … and do.
I have chosen before, and I’m choosing again; I will not look back at my life with regrets. I will not waste my life. But I’m also recognizing afresh that not wasting time requires quiet time. It requires stillness. I can’t “do” my way out of a valley or a dry spot, I’ve got to hear – and follow the only One who knows the way.